Hey rebel, I'm Sam! 

I spent 15 years doing the 'cliche' spirituality thing. I trained to be a yoga teacher, travelled to India to listen to wise beings and meditated for hours a day. But the truth is, I was still seeking. Still experiencing a deep sense of lack and looking outside of myself and to others for the answers. 

In truth, I was on a mission to cleanse myself of the deep anxiety I had lived with since I was a young child. In doing so, I became addicted to anything I thought could save me; from alcohol, to recreational drugs, to deep spiritual practice.

Then a few years ago I was touched by a simple yet deeply profound understanding that changed my life forever. Suddenly, I was no longer afraid of my anxiety. It wasn't a 'problem' and most importantly, I saw it truly wasn't my identity.

Since then, I have entered a world of beautiful feeling I had had no idea existed, and I would love for you to experience the same. Wherever you are, and however long you've been searching, your rebel spirit is still right under your nose, waiting to be uncovered.

Wisdom doesn't follow rules, and it's time for you to break some.

Let's go, rebel!